Michael Brown has a kind nature, tender heart and generous spirit. It was a pleasure
working with him.

- P.D., Paso Robles, CA
"Mike made things seem clear, even when I thought there was no way you could he would see a way out. Mike is caring
and understanding an non-judgemental. If you need help go to Mike.
- Jennifer, S.C.
"Mike is a very beautiful, spiritual human being with in-depth answers to in-depth questions. He will lead you on a journey you have
never been before--right into your soul. I highly recommend him.
- O. S., CA
"Mike gave me a total feeling of peace within myself. I have struggled and I got out of that phase of my life. Mike enabled
me to feel that peace and freedom I once felt. Thanks so much Mike
- L.C., CA
"Mike worked me through an intensive exercise that really helped me work through some very difficult feelings. He was -
H.R., PA
"Mike will helped me to see the power that I have in my own life. He showed me how to attract what I really intended for
- M.A., Florida
"Miracles happen with Mike and I highly highly recommend him."
- J.D., Washington
I believe that my Coaching session with Mike did un-block things going on in my pointy lil’ head.
At the time, I was muddling through how to balance this upcoming book on Robert Taylor & the
need to work a “real” job, mostly because of on-the-horizon need for retirement benefits.  I was
fairly certain that my problem was in figuring out how NOT to go back to work.  This is when Mike
entered the picture.  In talking things out with Mike, the puzzle pieces moved more into place.  
There was an unconscious evolution of thought afterwards.  Mike - you have quite a gift!
- Linda Alexander, Author
Mike, you have given me a safe place to feel my emotions and encouraged me to allow
feelings to come up and express them if I want to.  I have gotten some tools and exercises
that have been helpful, including the limiting beliefs/postive beliefs exercise, the self
forgiveness and the one about peeling back layers of what I am wanting.  Mike has seen
and celebrated me and the work I am doing,which is very valuable to me.  And feel like
there is a lot going on with me, internal and external movement and Mike has helped me
hold it and be with it and create a container for it and get clarity around it.

- Kristina Bennett, Youth Employment Counselor
Mike helped me look at life with a more positive attitude. He provided me with little pieces of the puzzle
to my life and let me decide what I wanted from the world. In other words, Mike provided steps and
often showed me my goal list.  The more I completed the more he succeeded in helping me. Mike
congratulated me while I was succeeding.  I felt understood and listened to by Mike.

- Miguel Meza, Student
"Mike, you reinforced that I am on the right track, that I do know what I am doing and the correct way to achieve peace of
mind is through meditation, gentle nurturing of my soul and connection.  You listened and affirmed me.  You made me feel
that my insights, thoughts and feelings about how to initiate change and keep a positive outlook had validity and merit.
- Linda Schoeps, Massage Therapist
I have found Mike Brown to be an intuitive listener, an able facilitator of processes for self realization and personal
growth.  I have seen how Mike’s work on his own life has prepared him to be clear, and support others as they create a
vision for their lives.  Mike’s practice transforms him into a ‘mirror’ that allows others to see themselves more truthfully,
and learn what are their unconscious patterns, with caring intent and without judgement. Mike patiently ‘follows’ those he
supports on their journey, lending his insights to help make conscious life choices and live with purpose.  Mike has
provided support and aided me on my journey, and I am grateful for his presence in my life
- Jeff Bertino, Musician
I really think Mike is a kind person and he really listened and cared about my feelings and had good suggestions. Thank
u Mike.

- Trish, Texas
"Mike, because of you I did learn something.. to look into myself and ask What I want.  You helped me to focus on the
inner me and how to release my feelings from their prison
- Brandon, Germany
"Mike has a way of seeing right through to the truth of the issue. He has an incredibly astute presence. He is very honest
and he is an extremely attentive listener. He has a wonderful way of making me feel accepted and acknowledged for being
who I am in the moment.
- Melissa Palazzo, CA
"Mike, you were brutally honest, without judgement.  That combination is so key, especially for someone intending on
helping others in their process.  Again, it's akin to not letting people off the hook, but at the same time you're not judging
them - your loving them.  This creates and atmosphere of acceptance that will allow people to be more honest and real.
- F.M., Virginia
"Mike gave me the power to be myself.  He let me realize that who I am is OK and if I want to change it is OK too.  He
talked me through some pretty difficult things and he made me realize that everyone has faults and mine are no bigger than
anyone else.
- Amy,  Pennsylvania
"Mike is very helpful.  I highly recommend him.  He has a cognitive and spiritual approach."
- D.W., Michigan
"Thank you Mike. Thank you for being there to talk to during a dark patch. I am happy and amazed that when I respected myself,
and asked for what I want, free of fear if what I wanted would come from my boyfriend or not...things got better FAST! There is
still work to be done as I continue to remember to respect myself, have faith the outcome is always the best, and ask for what I
want. I was able to calmy state what I want and he was a free agent to behave how he chose. He's showing me love and respect.
Thank you and God Bless
- L.S., Florida
"The spiritual work I covered with Mike was amazing. Through our personalized coaching sessions I was gently guided to
a deeper understanding of my own power. I had the true feeling that he understood me and with every session I walked
away with profound "ah ha" realizations. One that realy sticks out is how Mike helped me realize that everything I feel is
within me. I can control this and it's not left to the whims of the outside world. Everything, love, abundance, joy is a
feeling within.  Thank you so much for all the help."
- Paul Calderon, Web Designer
"Michael Brown is highly intuitive and his counseling and is very accepting and supportive of his clients. Mike is
kind-hearted, warm, loving, and friendly. In counseling, Mike Brown holds a presence for his clients that allows them to
be where they are in their lives, but also facilitates moving forward toward dreams, goals, and the truest expression of
- Katie Strand, Singer Song-Writer
"Mike has so much good information to help you balance or change your life. He is wonderful and caring. You can ask
him again to reexplain and he has another way for you to look at it! His information and guidence is working for me!
Thank you Mike!
- Rudy, CA
"Mike recently coached me during a very difficult life situation in which I was desperate and deep in pain, sorrow, and
anger. He is a non-judgmental, active listener who is able to coach me through the emotion and gently guide me to
- Arthur Salazar, Facilitator and Massage Therapist
"Oh my goodness. I did not expect to have such a much needed breakthrough but I asked for it and I was ready and
thank you so much for your blessings and support.  My heart  has found a new home that is safe and enduring and
loving and protected and healed. Thank you for this powerful work. I always leave sessions with Mike feeling
empowered and loving towards myself, which is the only way to live! thank you Mike for your dedication to your work.
You are the best!  I love working with this man --- i feel clear and empowered and amazing after every session. i highly
recommend working with him!"
- Chien - Hwe, Japan
"In my coaching session with Mike we covered a lot with an immediate life changing impact....Thanks Mike"
- L.N., Teacher
"Mike is very concise and knowledgeable. He is very thorough and patient"
M.J, Office Manager
"I didn't thinka 'Spiritual Life Coach could do much for me, but he has very likely increased the value of my empirical
research activities."
- Dan, Data Specialist
"Thanks Mike for enabling me to work is a safe way, without judgement. The way you work is incredibly skilled and
straight from the heart, which for me is very effective and powerful, I have made shifts in thought patterns which had
been limiting me. After my first session my level of self belief has risen, my self value has become clearer and my
business has increased too. I look forward to acheiving all of my goals happily and easily
- Lisa Clifford, Inspiring Excellence, York, United Kingdom
"I feel that your energy and knowledge are what make you such and effective coach and healer. Your kindness and honest intention to
help others is refreshing and truly a blessing. The guided visualization you took me through was the most profound and effective
technique during our session. It was perfect and you intuitively knew the right things to say. I feel I had a positive shift and released the
block that I had to clearly defining my desires.
- Alicia Cramer, Holistic & Alternative Therapies
"Mike Brown is a highly intuitive communicator and his approach  toward coaching is very effective. He has the ability to
hold the space for his client's capacity for development and growth in a loving and powerful manner. Mike has provided
me with a great deal of support and acceptance on my journey.  And I very appreciative!!
- Linda C, Manager
"Michael, your coaching assisted me in being able to see how to progress through the journey to its conclusion,and gave me the courage
to find it within myself to forgive my birth mother - Elizabeth - for having given me away at my birth. I needed your voice to, not only, direct me
to the next stepping stone in the journey, but, at moments, to be able to even identify that next stone. It was your continuous assurance that
I was not in 'outer space' all alone, but that, in fact, you were on the journey with me. This gave me the momentum and strength to move on
to the next stepping stone, for the most part, smoothly.You, were, in essence, my eyes in an unknown territory - liken to a see'n eye dog.  I
certainly was NOT feeling judged, in anyway, regarding the issues that I presented to you. You definitly made me feel as though you DID,  
indeed, UNDERSTAND where I was coming from, and how it was that I came to my conclusions regarding my life's experience.
- Brenda Ruddock, Canada
"I have never had a session like that before, first I think i'm lucky have someone like you who knows exactly what I
need in my life. Before the session I did not know exactly what I wanted, but at the end of the session i felt more
comfortable and confident in knowing what I want.  I was relaxed in my mind and happy with joy, which gave my face a
full smile.  I forgave myself and now I know it's not too late but beginning of the game so I should wake up and start this
journey again.
- Elinami Anderson, Computer Systems Analyst, Africa
"Mike, in our session together, I felt excited about an old project that I had set aside. I forgot how much it meant to me. I felt
rejuvenated to go back to it and finish it.  It gave me that feeling that one gets from an encouraging parent who believes in them
100%. I am going through a mid-life career change. And I am not sure what direction to take. You listened carefully. When I spoke
of business ideas you asked me questions that helped me sort out my ideas. I feel the greatest benefit is that instead of discouraging
me like many well intentioned friends sometimes do, you encouraged me to realize my dreams. We all need great mentors who
believe in us.
- C. S., Washington
"I am back on track and feeling more in control of my life and able to visualize what I want and get it.  Michael Brown
worked with me for three months. During that time he coached me on several areas of my life and helped me in many
ways. I was badly hurt by the ending of a long term love relationship and had slipped into obsessive and repetitive
behaviors. I was depressed, doing poorly with my business and generally not doing well. Mike had some great
processes and was willing to be there and listen and guide me through the turmoil. Mike hung in there and worked with
me until I was doing better and complete on the process.  By the end of the coaching, I was over my ex and ready to
move on. I have begun dating and feel that I can find another relationship. Mike had several processes that related to
setting goals and visualizing them, making them concrete, letting them go into the universe, handling any limiting
thoughts to the goals and generally allowing myself to have what I want to have. My business began to turn around and
is doing much better now than it was in December and January. I can state a goal, let it go and expect it or something
better to come back to me.  Mike pointed out to me very gently that my own personal happiness might outweigh the
need for a relationship and though I initially rejected that idea, I see he is correct. Self acceptance, forgiveness of my
errors or misjudgments and being less judgmental about myself are just a few of the things I have learned to do. Overall,
I would say that I am on the road to achieving happiness, a great relationship where I won't compromise my reality or
accept anything less than what I want and my business is on the road to having a good year.  I would recommend
coaching with Michael Brown to anyone who is looking for a spiritual life coach.
A.T., Business Owner
"In my coaching with Mike I got a sense of hope and feeling of contentment and satisfaction.  I feel like some of my prayers for
direction and guidance have been answered.  I was lead to the tools I needed to overcome and move forward.  Mike helped me to
is was ok for me to feel this way, why I felt this way, and I have the power to change this feeling anytime.  The biggest benefit I
got was the realization that I can achieve my goals but my life doesn't have to wait til I get there.  Thank you for that
enlightenment. Thank you again for your insight.  It was a wonderful experience.
- P.K., Cleveland, OH
"Mike, your coaching helped me to put a name to how I have been feeling for many years, and gave me a starting
point to clear out the sadness.  I received a sense of starting to clearing out emotions. And putting in positive energy.  
Your coaching helped me put a name to the emotions, and allow me to be okay to start clearing out the energy.  I felt
safe to do the clearing work and not make myself sick by holding the emotions in.  Your voice is very gentle and
helped start the healing work feeling very safe  and secure within Spirit. I felt good  the session was not rushed, and it
went smoothly.  Thank you very much.
- M.L.,  Canada
"Mike, my experience with you and your coaching was perfect for me and I truly love your style, gentleness and compassion.  
Thank you for being so thorough. It was powerful.  Your coaching helped me by hearing you listen and restate so that I could hear
myself.  I got to feel back on track!  The connection to feeling was a significant part for me.  Also the transformation of the victim
had a great power to it.  I would also recommend you to other people.
- Mahri Best, Business Owner
"Mike, your coaching helped to release some of the fear, and frustration I have been experiencing due to my need to get to
the next plateau. I experienced both pain, and joy in our session. These two emotions related to the same issue. That, to me,
was the biggest benefit.  I experienced awakening. An awakening to what will appear in my life."
- Todney, Georgia
"Mike, your coaching allowed me to feel safe.  You allowed me to be where I was and you guided me through
some very powerful emotion.  When I was stuck, you helped me out with subtle suggestions, which was very
helpful.  You helped me to remember the things that were said throughout the coaching session.  You were
supportive and reminded me that there was not right or wrong.  You helped me to feel what it was that I was
feeling and you helped me acknowledge it.The thing that stood out of me the most was when you helped me
for me.  To look at is as a gift that anger has given me.  To see that perspective.  It just made things a lot
clearer for me.  I felt a great sense of love at the end of the session and really felt it expand outside of me into
the world."
- Shannon Owens, Bank Manager
"From your coaching I saw that everything that I have been running after I had already, but I can talk
to anyone about my story and they can ask me the same questions and it could be annoying or it could
be helpful or it could be that I end up more angry about it, but the most important that the way you
care I do not think I can find that a lot in people or all the time you have a way in catching the main
problem into the situation, and go from there it is you who is important that made a different, you know
your work and what you do exactly."
- A.Z., California
"Mike, Your coaching assisted me in focusing on a deep feeling that I kept tucked back and never really knew how to address it or
why it even was there. I look at it now as if I realize that myself, as an individual, is all I need in order to socialize with other
people. I no longer need to be seen by others through my parents or any of my significant others in order to be loved and
accepted. I received a real sense of empowerment and enlightenment as to who I am as a women in society, (an individual that can
embrace and love others!)  The most impact was when I was the tree and I talked to Lisa, the child, it just showed me a full circle
of myself and that I never lost anything within me when I was seperated from my parents that day and that the core of who I am
has always been there and that made me feel empowered!"  
- Lisa Maxwell, CA
"Mike - I was cleaning a drawer today and found the list I made in your class over a year ago.  To my surprise I realized
that everything on that list had manifested without any concious effort on my part.  First on my list had been an injury I had
been struggling with for over a year.  It's under control.  The neighborhood we live in has been peaceful and calm to the
point where we no longer want to move.  My weight stabilized even though I had to give up my gym membership and in
fact I haven't given a thought to dieting in months.  Your next class is coming up soon and I'm looking forward to continued
learning and manifesting.  Thanks."
- Cheryl Dougan, Teacher, CA
"Mike, you helped me to prepare the session to clarify matters in myself.  I got out a clearer picture of some areas I must still
work on and I felt during the session that a big chunk of darkness had gone.  Your coaching helped because you give
everything to your client, you are really serving and helping the client, not your ego and you humble yourself to serve at your
best.  You accompany the client with great empathy and not a jugemental, patronising attitude.  Praise to your attitude, I was
just allowed to be placed in front of myself freely and not on the defensive.  The biggest benefit about your coaching was it
unblocked some of my current blocks, I beleive that some are dating from a very long time and others are fresh, but to see
clearly what is happening is really helpful to locate where you are truly at and what’s from there.  Also you helped me on the
road of being more positive and transforming the negative in positive What I think stood out is your genuine, humble and gentle
approach.  I beleive that a good coach is transparent and helps his client to find out by himself or herself what is happening and
how to progress.  These qualities are essentials to allow things to manifest and come up without blocks, so thanks for these
great qualities."
- Luce Fleury, Writer, France
Mike Brown
Spiritual Life Coach
Law of Attraction Coach
"I found the coaching to be extremely beneficial as far as changing my thought patterns. I have become much
more aware of situations that I can turn into a positive that would otherwise have ended up negative. I am
conscientious of making my own decisions now. I realize more now that I can create the experience of elation
and peace and joy “before” I receive what I desire.I have been to several one on one counselors over the years,
been through many self improvement programs and seminars and they are all good. However your approach is
one of the very best in my opinion. Here is why,What you do perfectly is cover a lot of ground in a short period
of time.What you do perfectly is create a structure and have an organized session while still remaining open to
change. I get the feeling from the beginning that you have no idea what rabbit you will be pulling out of your hat
until you are in the moment. I sense that it is “in the moment” that the Spirit nudges you or hints at you as to
what to say next or suggest next or offer next.It is awesome. You are listening to the Spirit and allowing Him to
guide the session. What you do perfectly is confront with the truth without judgment."
- Melody, CA
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